I am a designer, critical design theorist and creative practice researcher.

I am completing my PhD in the School of Design at RMIT University under the supervision of Assoc. Prof Brad Haylock and Dr Noel Waite. My research focus on communication design practices and design theory. My research is interdisciplinary. I situate design as a social practice that operates within culture, productive relations and margins between academia, design practice and social movements.

I have built an international research network and have participated in academic conferences in Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Australia. I was the chair for Graduate Students Committee at the International Association for Literary Journalism (IALJS) in 2015. I was a research fellow at Universidad Pontificia Javeriana in Colombia in 2017, where I collaborated with Professor Jaime Hernandez at the School of Architecture and Design.

In addition, I have a strong industry experience in Australia and Colombia. I have worked in communications and design with the Victorian State Government, various universities including La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University and RMIT University, and a few non-for-profits based in Australia and Timor Leste.

Contact me

e: jaelrincon@gmail.com
in: linkedin.com/in/jaelrincon  
w: jaelrincon.com
m: +61 450 370 981

Jael Rincon
Designer & critical theorist

Top Skills
• Design history and visual culture knowledge
• Strong understanding of design, format, print and production
• Knowledge of online, social and digital marketing and communications

Personal Attributes
• Passion for teaching and research
• Industry connections and experienced in cutting edge, contemporary design
• Hardworking, personable and results oriented with excellent negotiation skills
• Wide experience in strategic communications and design thinking.

• Spanish 
• Portuguese