Graphic Designer.

I don’t just create graphics. I communicate people’s purpose. I’ve developed my practise on the belief that visual communication is meaningful, and I carry that belief into everything I do. Helping people communicate their purpose more effectively – that’s my great passion.

Curiosity and Determination

Drawing on my background in publications, direct and digital marketing, and graphic design, I carry on my expertise and creative thinking to my work.

I’ve worked in design, marketing and communication for universities, non for profits and the state government. I am an inventive designer. I know how to create engaging content that inspires, delights, and engages through visual language. 

I’m a mum, a daughter and a sister. I was born in Colombia and moved in Australia 10 years ago. I’m interested in the psychology of colour, the structures and patterns of plants, and in botanics. 

Communication Design, Graphic Design + Purpose

Communication design is the harmony of meaning and shapes. It is a tool to help enterprises and individual to communicate and achieve their purpose, to create a positive impact in our communities.

By applying my working experience in graphic design and communications, I will introduce you to innovative ways to make a positive change in our world.

Creative solutions for new challenges.

Something for everyone.


Concept Development and Production
Transform information into refined, meaningful content that engages and impacts your audience. Digital or print, communicate with impact.

Graphic Design

Ideation and Design Process
Communicate your purpose in an effective and powerful way using a visual language that is clear and compelling.


Imagination and bricolage
Creating an aesthetic composition illustrations capture ideas. Embrace your tone and style through visuals that are meaningful.

Do the simple things that you love to do.

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Simplicity has a fundamental presence that spreads Harmony.

Build with, on, and beyond.

I completed my bachelor degree in graphic design, and a master degree in communication. I’m studying a PhD in design, and my thesis is about Latin American magazines and graphic design history. 

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