I am well equipped professional with a strong background and employment experience in marketing, communications and design.

Recently, I have worked in marketing and publications. I created, implemented and evaluated content across diverse channels, including eDMs, social media, publications, website, advertisement campaigns, and internal and external communications. I am proficient in brand management, design services, advertising, media buying, copy writing, website editing, databases, and using online tools.

Previously, I held various positions both paid and voluntary. I am enthusiastic about being part of a collaborative, positive and engaging environment, where I can utilise my diverse skills and extensive experience, while also continuing to develop my creative attributes.


My work capabilities are extensive. I can partner with you to develop and deploy effective solutions for your projects.


– Brand Management
– Communication Design


– Branding / Identity Design
– Website Development
– User Experience
– Packaging Design
– Infographics
– Illustration


– Communication Strategy
– Copy Writing
– Events and Brand Activation


– Marketing Strategy
– Research
– SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
– Google Adwords & PPC (Pay Per Click)
– Social Media
– Ecommerce
– Email Marketing
– Analytics and Reporting


Need a quote for your project? Have a question about our work or services? Just email me or use the form provided on this link. I look forward to working with you on your next creative project.